ask ask ask!!

  • 0: Height
  • 1: Virgin?
  • 2: Shoe size
  • 3: Do you smoke?
  • 4: Do you drink?
  • 5: Do you take drugs?
  • 6: Age you get mistaken for
  • 7: Have tattoos?
  • 8: Want any tattoos?
  • 9: Got any piercings?
  • 10: Want any piercings?
  • 11: Best friend?
  • 12: Relationship status
  • 13: Biggest turn ons
  • 14: Biggest turn offs
  • 15: Favorite movie
  • 16: I’ll love you if
  • 17: Someone you miss
  • 18: Most traumatic experience
  • 19: A fact about your personality
  • 20: What I hate most about myself
  • 21: What I love most about myself
  • 22: What I want to be when I get older
  • 23: My relationship with my sibling(s)
  • 24: My relationship with my parent(s)
  • 25: My idea of a perfect date
  • 26: My biggest pet peeves
  • 27: A description of the girl/boy I like
  • 28: A description of the person I dislike the most
  • 29: A reason I’ve lied to a friend
  • 30: What I hate the most about work/school
  • 31: What your last text message says
  • 32: What words upset me the most
  • 33: What words make me feel the best about myself
  • 34: What I find attractive in women
  • 35: What I find attractive in men
  • 36: Where I would like to live
  • 37: One of my insecurities
  • 38: My childhood career choice
  • 39: My favorite ice cream flavor
  • 40: Who wish I could be
  • 41: Where I want to be right now
  • 42: The last thing I ate
  • 43: Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately
  • 44: A random fact about anything
  • 45. Selfie







  1. you think it’s pretty?
  2. wear it

okay but idk how i’m gonna wear you.

Oh you smooth fuck

you obviously haven’t read silence of the lambs

This went to a great place. 

The Adventure of Archimedes »


A fanfiction I wrote to our beloved tf2-daesdemona!
Based on these pictures

I love my master. I mean, he feeds me, pets me and takes care of me when I’m ill, he rescued me and my friends and family a few years ago from captivity. I think we were supposed to represent freedom or…

The Adventure of Archimedes

A fanfiction I wrote to our beloved tf2-daesdemona!
Based on these pictures

I love my master. I mean, he feeds me, pets me and takes care of me when I’m ill, he rescued me and my friends and family a few years ago from captivity. I think we were supposed to represent freedom or something. I don’t know, it was hard to hear through the wooden crates we were stuffed inside. But that doesn’t matter anymore, we’re allowed to go whereever we want. Well, not EVERYWHERE. I once crashlanded inside a guys body. I didn’t mean it… Yes, I did. I ment it, and I don’t regret it. Let me tell you a story about me, my master and his new companion. Let me tell you how it was like for me when my master started ignoring me and the others because of his new job.

My life was getting a lot better after our master rescued us. We were fed regulary, we got to watch him work, fly around wherever we wanted. Yeah, life was great. Did I mention he fed us? Oh well, I’m sure I did. That was the best part. I was becoming a chubby dove, but I liked it. It kept me warm all the time. I was the most spoiled one, but that didn’t bother me or the others. Because, you see, when I was rescued I was only a baby still. But I was underfed, I was very skinny and very ill. My master noticed this and treated me for the next years. It didn’t take too long for me to get well again, but I really liked his attention. He even gave me a name. I’ve never had a name before, so I was so excited about it!
"Archimedes. Ja, that fits you" he said as he wrapped me up in a blanket before I fell asleep. Archimedes? When I woke up from my nap I was so upset about it. I thought he would have called me Doveinator or White Knight or something! But noo, he had to give me a sissy name like Archimedes!
I’m not mad at him now, but I sometimes wish the others wouldn’t make fun of me all the time. But enough of that, the real story began a few years ago back in Germany.
One day my master got a letter, a strange one. Only his name was on it, nothing else. No stamp, no sender, nothing. Apperently it was a jobassignment from a person who called herself the Administrator. He was offered a job as a Doctor for Reliable Excavation Demolition, or RED for short.
He was happy for the joboffer. It didn’t seem like they cared about him not having his lisence.
(Let me tell you quickly how he lost it; He removed a guys skeleton because he felt like it. That’s it)
My master is a genius, he really is. I love watching him work; opening bodies, experimenting on hearts and all the other things inside the humanbody. I didn’t get to close in the beginning, but now I’m practicly on his wrist everytime he works on something.
He tries to chase me away sometimes if I get too close, but I just love watching him work! So I sit on his shoulder. He don’t complain about it, so I think it’s alright.

But anyway, the story then takes us to the Badlands. Apperently the RED team (which my master supports) is fighting the BLU over the land. I’m not sure why, my master never talks about it. He’s just happy to be back in buisness again. And when he’s happy, I am happy. I mean, after all he’s done for me he deserves my support. I can’t do much since I’m a bird, but I can keep my master with company. And he likes that, atleast it seems like it. He always talks to me about the guys he work with, but he talks awfully alot about this one guy. They don’t use their real names, only nicknames, so I only know him as Heavy Weapons Guy, or Heavy for short. He’s a big fella, twice the size of master. They seem to get along really well. A little too well… Anyway, do you remember that I crashlanded inside a guy? Yeah, that’s him. Master was trying out a new experiment with a überheart. He told me it makes Heavy invincible, which means he can’t be hurt while being über’d. I’m sure you knew that, but just in case, you know?
But after master started in this job, he haven’t had the time for me or the others. On a rare occation I’m brought along on the battlefield, but nothing more. He doesn’t tuck me in my little bed made out of a cardboardbox, he doesn’t pet me… Everything is changed. All he does is hanging out with Heavy, either planning their next move or just talk all night long. And since I’ve spent so much time with my master I don’t hang with my family so much or my friends, so I’m alone most of the time. Sitting by the window, looking at the battlefield. I want my master back. I want him back now, I want things to go back as it was before Badlands, before the fighting, before he met Heavy.

It was a normal day in the Badlands. You know, people getting badly hurt and stuff. My master was happy about all the work he got to do, he loved being busy with stuff. He hates being bored, that’s the worst thing he could go through. It might be because he’s German, but I don’t know.
I was sitting on his shoulder, looking down at the paperwork he was doing. But I felt like cuddling, so I stepped closer to his face. Usually he would stroke my head gently and whisper some comforting words to me. But now, he pushed me away and told me to leave him alone.
I was so surprised and hurt that I just flew off his shoulder and sat down by the window. I just looked down at him, hurtful and angry. He have never pushed me away or told me to leave him alone. Did I do something wrong? Have I done something he didn’t like? No, I haven’t. I did all the normal stuff I usually do during the days. When I was thinking about it, Heavy walked in to my masters office, looking pretty wounded. Heavy told my master he had encountered the other teams Demoman. Heavy wasn’t looking for trouble, but the Demoman was very drunk and just shot bombs at him for no reason.
Yeah, you see; when the teams aren’t fighting eachother, they can walk among eachother without causing any fights or trouble. Like, our Demoman befriended the other teams Soldier. It was made a huge deal out of it, but I didn’t really care much for it.
Back to the point, when Heavy entered my masters office he started treating him and laugh with him. He wasn’t mad or telling Heavy to leave like he did to me. What is so special about Heavy?! I mean, I got feathers and can fly. Heavy can barely run with all the fat on his body!
As I was sitting by the window I could listen to their conversation. They mostly talked about their work, how they did it on the battlefield and things like that. But now, it seemed like they were getting very close. More than friends, maybe. My master would put his hand on Heavys lap, stroking it gently as he smiled warmly to him. That smile he only used to give me when I was cuddling against him. That smile full of love and caring.
Maybe my master have grown tired of me? Maybe, maybe he had moved on with his life? Maybe Heavy was his new pet now? I wasn’t needed. Not anymore. So I flew out of the window, searching for a new home, a new master.

I was flying over the RED-base for a new home when I noticed Engineer working on some blueprints for a new gun, I think. I thought to myself;
"Engineer and my master have worked together in the past. He would always give me some bread when he saw me and he would always pet my head. He can be my new master!"
I landed next to the blueprints and studied them a bit. It wasn’t for a new gun, he was trying to improve the teleporters.
The Engineer was so deep in his thoughts he didn’t notice me at first, so I said “hello” to him (Ofcourse, he didn’t know I was talking to him, he can’t speak dove). He still didn’t react, so I repeated myself, just a little bit louder this time. Then I got his attention, finally!
He turned his head and looked at me with a little frown.
"Whatcha doin’ here, Archimedes?" he asked as he gently stroke my chest with one finger. I love to be stroked on my chest, it’s like a dog and bellyrubs, you know? But I don’t kick, I just make some sounds to let him know I enjoy it.
It wasn’t often I was outside of my maste—- Medics office, so that’s why he seemed a little confused.
"Medics busy, huh? Ya can stay here if ya like" he said as he turned his attention back to the blueprints. I didn’t mind him work, I was used to Medic working for hours without getting any attention.
I was already half asleep when he was done with the scetching! He worked longer then Medic, but I could live with that. Or, so I thought.

I stayed with him for only a few days, but he was so excited about me being with him. He made these little machines for me, like a selfpouring bathtub. I really liked it at first, but then it started to go berserk and almost killed me! I never went near that thing again.
But then he made this little robot serving food. It didn’t take long before it exploded.
When the robot exploded Engineer went back to the blueprints and tried to find the mistake. I didn’t want to stay with him much longer, the machines was a bloody deathtrap!
I took my chance when he was deep in his own thoughts and flew away to the outside of the base. I knew the Sniper was there staying in his van.
I heard Medic and the others talk about all the animals he had, so I thought he wouldn’t mind me staying with him. I was right, he didn’t. But oh God, I regreted it just after a few hours.

When I landed outside his van I heard the sounds of other birds, more specificly an owl. He had a very strong british accent, and he was yelling about food. Yes, I understand other birds. The language of birds is like English; many dialects and many ways to speak different words, but we understand eachother, you know?
I didn’t want to be rude, so I gently pecked on the door of the van a couple of times to let Sniper know I was outside.
"Who might that be?" I heard the owl ask, followed by unlocking sounds from the door. I suppose the Sniper had to keep the door locked because of all the animals.
As Sniper unlocked the door he was drinking coffee (as usual) and looked around. He looked tired and confused, so I said “Hello” again. He looked down at me even more confused.
"Whatcha doin’ here?" He mumbled as he bent down and picked me up. He held me a little too tight, but that’s alright. I mean, I might get a good home with this guy!
He placed me on his wrist and just snorted at me.
"The Doc sure feeds ya" he smiled, poking my side. I know, I am fat, but that’s mostly feathers!… No, it’s not. I am fat, and I like it.
"Well, look who’s here" He owl said sarcasticly. "The little dove. What are you doing in my van?"
"Your van?" I asked, trying not to sound too offended by his tone.
"I think this is Snipers van, owl. Or should I say ‘Sir Hootsalot’?" I laughed. Yes, that was the owls name. Pretty emberessing for someone to be named such a silly name. Even my name isn’t that stupid!
Without any warning, the owl just launched at me! But before he managed to get a grip on me I flew out and back to the base.
Let’s just say I never went back to that place. That owl is insane!

After the search for a new home (which didn’t go well as you can tell) I returned back to my master. As I flew in the window to his office I saw Heavy talking to him. Oh, I just wanted to poop on his bald head!
But I didn’t. I was tired and worn out after all the things I went through.
I landed, without realizing it, on Heavys weapon, Sascha.
My master noticed me and quickly walked over to me and gave me a light kiss on my head.
"Oh, Archimedes! Vhere have you been? I was zo worried" He smiled and kissed my head again. This made me realize how much I’ve missed him. I missed his calming voice and love. But the Heavy wasn’t happy with me sitting on his gun.
"Tiny bird is making Sascha filthy!" he shouted. But when he saw how much my master cared for me he couldn’t stay angry for too long.
Suprisingly he didn’t shoosh me away, but picked me up gently and placed me inside of the gun. I thought he would fire it, but instead he said:
"He can sleep here, but only this time!"
It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. I was, like I said, tired after the adventure. As my eyelids fell I could see my master and Heavy smile to eachother warmly. You know, the kind of smile couples do? That kind of smile. And at that moment, I knew my master was happy. And that made me happy too.

Anyone got any good brushpacks for SAI?








Pretty much





just fucking draw. don’t compare yourself to other people, don’t stop because you drew a lot last tuesday and you haven’t visibly improved. it takes time, effort, and a lot of perseverance. besides, no matter how “bad” you think you are, there’s still gonna be someone who thinks the stuff you produce is the best goddamn thing they’ve ever seen in their entire life. the artist you were five years ago would have their mind fucking blown by the artist you are today. so just draw a fuckton, because every new thing you draw is one drawing better than you were before.

needed this thank you.

lotr screencap meme → full body shots


so beautiful…..